Weltec led light solutions 

Welcome to Weltec led light solutions

Weltec is a company headquartered in South Tyrol - Italy and provides the following technical solutions and products for customers.

Hotels and Restaurants

Architectural lighting

Large area lighting

Large area lightung solutions

Rain shower systems

Rain shower system reflexion

Innovative and customizable rain showers with breathtaking backlight illumination with no visible light sources. The water itselve spends light with beautiful reflections.

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Led components

Cree XML-Color LED

Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications.

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Ledil optics

Our wide product range includes lenses, reflectors and their combinations for various LED lights. We offer a wide range of high quality standard products and custom solutions meeting the needs and requirements of the lighting business.

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Switching Power supply

Meanwell power supply

We provide to our custimers high quality switching power supply's for automation an led lighting systems.

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